7 Mistakes Lawyers Make When Managing and Marketing Their Practices

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Often, legal practitioners reach a certain level of success and then don’t know how to get off the plateau and continue to progress in their practice.

Most law firms fall prey to the same common pitfalls time after time.

7 Mistakes Lawyers Make In Managing and Marketing Their Practice (And How To Avoid Them) is for lawyers and law firm managers that want to take their practice to the next level.

This 75 minute audio will walk you through 7 of the most common problems faced by legal practitioners and provide you with the ‘fix’ for each one of them.

You’ll learn:

  • Common mistakes lawyers make that lose them clients every day
  • Why so many lawyers no longer enjoy the practice of law
  • Tips on how to make networking work for you
  • The basics of creating vision and mission statements and why they’re so important
  • What kinds of plans every law firm should have and how to implement them
  • What stops lawyers from taking their practice to the next level
  • How to determine whether your marketing message is making an impact
  • What’s so important about tracking results
  • What’s missing from most lawyers’ thinking about their practice
  • Why it’s important to focus your practice, establish a niche or at least market your practice that way

You’ll hear from lawyers like you who express concerns about everything from marketing and networking to managing a firm with partners that have different management styles. You’ll get practical advice about dealing with those questions and more.


In addition to the audio, you’ll get a link to the 7 Mistakes booklet – a mini version of the audio that’s a great short reminder of those common mistakes, and what you need to do to make some changes.

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